Envision uses design thinking to support all stages of brand building.

In a market overflowing with new products, users have more brand choices than ever; the era of “If you make it, buyers will come” is over. But, with solid branding, a new product can create its own fast-selling niche.

Branding must be strategic, integrating design into each product specification from the outset. Envision design development looks at the whole brand, starting from corporate image and visual identity, re-appraisal of product concepts, reorganization of product line-up and marketing.

After concept creation, design development and digital modeling, Envision offers a whole product service including prototype production, logo, product graphics, package and promotional materials design.

Ideas from outside refresh the corporate branding strategy process when it becomes too narrowly focused using only in-house resources. Building on the design development process to create a dialogue with our clients, Envision finds new directions to enhance the existing merits of each brand.