Outside viewpoint: The Strengths of Envision
ARRK Corporation

High quality models are an integral part of any successful design project and we are lucky to have had a close partnership with prototyping company ARRK over many years.

Section Manager Mr. Ichikawa
Styling development division, ARRK Corporation

Tell us your impressions of Envision.

I often find myself in meetings with Envision designers who are discussing the merits of a design concept from completely different viewpoints. It’s a company where both young and veteran designers are free to voice their opinions, especially about design, without regard to age or rank.
I get a similar impression when they are talking with us on the prototype-making side about transforming their design ideas into physical products. They discuss the design with us and listen to our opinions, and we come up with new ideas together in a straightforward and transparent way. Envision’s corporate culture and vitality are based on this openness.

What about Envision designers as individuals?

Envision designers wear their hearts on their sleeves. They light up when discussing design and talk about it with passion, like youngsters sounding off on their favorite topics! We talk through the details of each design rooted in its original concept.
You can see their depth of feeling about design in the way they lead their daily lives too.

Working with Envision

In meetings we discuss our thoughts and fixations about design, not just the design concept or hard points like the drawings or 3D data, which I think is great.
Knowing the thinking behind each design is part of making the best possible models or prototypes. After that, going back over the concept or sketches, the design image grows and becomes clearer.
It makes the job more interesting and a lot more fun when you get a glimpse inside the designers’ minds.
We can take those thoughts and ideas back as motivation to the craftsmen on the shop floor. Delivering the resulting model to the designers and getting their positive and enthusiastic reaction is the culminating moment of real job satisfaction from working with Envision.
The designers’ passion for design and the way it impacts their daily lives all relates directly to their design output and gives it a special personality of its own. The sum of all of this comes across to me as Envision’s “design brand”.


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