Life Changing Design

Design, making the world a better place

Life Changing Design?
Change people’s lives with design? A little ambitious, perhaps?

To have meaning, design must create a new experience for the user; otherwise, the user may as well have carried on their life as they did before.

Life is a series of connected experiences, and all those experiences created by new design should be life-changing.

When people always want our products close by them, or if every day is just more fun after discovering them, then we will know we have succeeded – and Life Changing Design by Envision has become a reality.


Welcome to Envision

At Envision, we believe that good design changes people’s lives for the better and makes the world a brighter place.
This website is designed to be a reflection of those ideas and the character of our company, a fun place to visit and full of accessible, useful information.

We enjoy welcoming people at Envision and getting feedback from our visitors, so please take some time to look around the site and feel free to contact us via the email form.


Our vision

Envision design makes life brighter and more fun.

Envision design aims to challenge convention with original thought.

Envision design makes the world a happier place, and that makes us happy too!

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